Rules of Prayer – Ahkam As Salah

Shekh Ali Raghib

Paperback, 218 Pages, 1st Edition, 2016
14.7 x 21 cm
MaktabaIslamia Imprints

English translation of Ahkam Assalah book by Shekh Ali Raghib. The book was originally written by Shekh Taqiuddin Nabhani however due to the prevalent security situation at the time, he requested Shekh Ali Raghib to assist him in reviewing the book and subsequently publish it under his name.

Shekh Nabhanis style of writing is vividly present in the book, his style of quoting the Evidences, the hadith and ayat and extracting the rules from them, just has been the hallmark in all his other books.

The book much like all books of Salah starts from the subject of Taharah, and then delves into the details of salah.

  • Manner of ghusal for purification from major ritual impurity
  • The conditions for the validity of the prayer
  • The description of the prayer
  • The things which invalidate the prayer
  • What is disliked in the prayer
  • The times during which prayer is disliked
  • The congregational (jama’ah) prayer
  • Every Muslim is qualified for leadership (imamah) in the prayer
  • Following the Imamah of a person from different madhab
  • The prayer of shortening (qasr)
  • Distance of shortening the prayer
  • Joining between two prayers
  • Joining prayer during rain
  • There is no Illah for joining and shortening the prayer
  • Praying the qada (missed) prayer
  • The prayer of the invalid (maridh)
  • The Friday (jumu’ah) prayer
  • The prostration of forgetfulness (sajda as-sahw)
  • The prostration of thanks (shukr)
  • Fasting (As-Sawm)
  • Recommended (nafil) fasts

The last 2 chapters are dedicated to the rules of fasting.

This book is also available on other websites, in case you cannot find it on the above link, we recommend you search on the internet as well. 

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