A Classical Primer on Tajwid (Tuhfatul Atfal) – Al Jamzuri

Shaykh Sulayman Al Jamzuri

Paperback, 79 pages 
5.83 x 8.27 nch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

Tajwīd (tr. ‘making something good or better’) is the discipline of proper Qur’anic recitation. It involves pronouncing each letter from its proper point of articulation and giving it its due attributes consistently. It is acquired by listening to those who have mastered it, emulating them, and being tested.

Learning the theoretical rules of tajwīd is a communal obligation (Ar. farḍ kifāyah) while practising it is an individual obligation (Ar. farḍ ʿayn). This book is a complete, annotated translation of Sheikh Sulaymān al-Jamzūrī’s Tuḥfat al-Aṭfāl, a classical didactic poem on tajwīd, including the section on ‘points of articulation’ (Ar. maḵārij al-ḥurūf) from Imam Ibn al-Jazarī’s intermediate-level poem on tajwīd.


Tuhfatul Atfal 

  • The Four Cases of the Vowelless Nun and Tanwin
  • Case 1 of the Vowelless Nun and Tanwin Enunciation 
  • Case 2 of the Vowelless Nun and Tanwin Assimilation 
  • Case 3 of the Vowelless Nun and Tanwin:Transformation 
  • Case 4 of the Vowelless Nun and Tanwin: Weak Pronunciation 
  • The Doubled Mim and Nun 
  • The Three Cases of the Vowelless Mim
  • Case 1 of the Vowelless Mim: Weak Pronunciation 
  • Case 2 of the Vowelless Mim: Assimilation 
  • Case 3 of the Vowelless Mim: Enunciation 
  • A Warning Regarding the Unvowelled Mim before Waw and Fa
  • The Two Cases of the 􀀯Lam of Al-:Enunciation and Assimilation 
  • The Verbal
  • Identical, Nearby, and Alike Letters:
  • Introduction 
  • Consonant Closeness: Attributes and Points  of Articulation 
  • Types of Letter Adjacency 
  • The Rulings of the Six Permutations According to Hafs
  • Long Vowels: Primary Long Vowels 
  • Vowel Duration 
  • Long Vowels: Secondary Long Vowels 
  • Diphthongs 
  • The Rulings Related to Secondary Long Vowels 
  • Categories of Requisite Vowels 
  • Word-Level Requisite Vowels 
  • Letter-Level Requisite Vowels 
  • Conclusion of Tuhfatul Atfal


  • Points of Articulation 
  • The Number of Points of Articulation 
  • The First Point of Articulation 
  • The Three Points of Articulation of the Throat 
  • The Fifth and Sixth Points of Articulation 
  • The Seventh Point of Articulation 
  • The Eighth Point of Articulation 
  • The Three Points of Articulation of the Tip of the Tongue with the Hard Palate 
  • The Twelfth Point of Articulation 
  • The Thirteenth Point of Articulation 
  • The Fourteenth Point of Articulation 
  • The Fifteenth Point of Articulation 
  • The Sixteenth Point of Articulation
  • The Seventeenth Point of Articulation 

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