Bilal The Abyssinian Outrunner

Syed Iqbal Zaheer

Paperback, 151 pages
5.83 x 8.75 inch
Iqra Welfare Trust

Islam is here to stay. When all doors were locked for its entry, it has now begun to grow from within. It grows now, magically, dramatically in the hearts of men and women in the east and the west. It wins people, old Muslims did’nt even think they could have taken their message to.For many of the new adherents entry into Islam proves to be a re-anactment of Makkan scenes: trials, tribulations, torture and migration.

It is in those situations that the early converts are remembered. Their stories touch them in their hearts and inspire them with fortitude, persistence and even a sense of indifference to their suffering. Among the first converts to Islam, Bilal stands apart in many ways. This book is about that. As one of those destined to influence the world, until it will outrun itself, his life always will be read with interest. If Islam is here to stay, Bilal’s memory is also here to stay.

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