Guide for the Performer of Prayer

Abu Iyas, Mahmood ibn Abdul Latif ‘Oaidah

Paperback, 178Pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
MaktabaIslamia Imprints

This book of Prayer is called [Al-Jami’ li-ahkam is-salah], because I recorded in it all the issues of prayer addressed by the shar’ texts, without including those subjects discussed by the jurists that relied upon analogy (qiyas), discretion (istihsan) and the like.

This is because worships (‘ibadat) particularly are tawqifi, which means they must be only deduced from the texts, namely: The Book (Qur’an) and the sunnah (traditions of the Prophet (saw)).

Therefore, the ahkam (rules) in this book are considered jurisprudence of texts only. When referring to the sunnah texts I observed to take them from their sources of hadith books, rather than from fiqh (jurisprudence) books, because there is generally a difference between the words of the ahadith in the hadith books and the jurisprudence books.

I have committed myself in deduction to refer to the sound (saheeh) and good (hasan) ahadith that were considered so by the majority or some of the scholars of hadith. I did not use any hadith for deduction I knew it is considered invalid (da’eef) by all of the hadith scholars.

As regarding the ahadith which there is difference between the scholars about its invalidity, I might use it or leave it based on whether it agrees or not with the sound and good ahadith.

I have reached to the provisions of this book through personal deduction, and did not take them from the deduction of other mujtahideen. They are rather independent of their work, but they could match with their views or differ a little or a lot.

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