The Rules of I’tikaf – Mufti Taqi Uthmani

Mufti Taqi Uthmani

Paperback, 72 pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

I’tikâf is one of the beautiful forms of worship prescribed by the Sharî‘ah, and practised by Muslims all over the world, especially in the Holy month of Ramadhân. The Sharî‘ah has laid down specific rules and procedure for I’tikâf which are discussed in detail in books of Fiqh [Law].  Unfortunately, experience shows that few people are fully aware of these rules. Each year, hundreds of Muslims have the honour of performing I’tikâf but, due to this unawareness, their practice does not always conform to the prescribed procedure.

 Friends, therefore, suggested that I write a booklet in Urdu on the subject for the benefit of the ordinary Muslim who intends to perform I’tikâf, stating therein essential principles in a simple, clear and concise manner.

 I, accordingly, commenced the writing of this book in the state of I’tikâf itself, and thereafter by the Fadl of ALLÂH completed it.

 By the grace of ALLÂH Almighty this humble effort was received with much favour and widely acknowledged by the Muslims of Pakistan. The need for an English translation, for the benefit of English readers, was then expressed by some people.

 I therefore deem it a privilege that my learned brother Mr. Muhammad Shu’aib Omar  undertook this responsibility, and translated the booklet into English with ability and competence. I have read the translation, and have found that he, in the course of his work, has taken all the care and precaution necessary for the translation of religious books. May ALLÂH bless him with the best of rewards in the Hereafter and honour him with strength and tawfiq to carry out similar works in the service of Islâm.

 Finally, I request the readers of the booklet to remember me and the learned translator in their prayers during I’tikâf.

 Muhammad Taqi Usmani

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