Education & Identity: The Dilemma of Muslims in the West

Group of Authors

Paperback, 106 pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
Istinarah Press

This book was written in the wake of September 2001 incidents and the subsequent War on Terror that the west led on the Muslim countries starting with Afghanistan and Iraq. The Book was written as an answer to the challenge that the Muslims continuously face in countries where they are a minority, especially in the western countries.

The authors address various pressing subjects such as –

  • The Agenda of the Integration in the West
  • The Identity of the Young Muslim
  • The Western Education System and the British National Curriculum
  • The Responsibility of the Muslim Parent
  • The Islamic Education System and its Implementation in the 21st Century
  • The Need for the Khilafah System

This is a must-read for students of knowledge and Dawa carriers working for Islamic revival.

This book is also available on other websites, in case you cannot find it on the above link, we recommend you search on the internet as well.