The Mother of the Believers – Wives of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Halime Demiresik

Paperback, 304  pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

One of the most important characteristics which form a perfect and concrete example of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the way he lived his family life. He established a superior, most virtuous and happiest home with his wives who had different ages, cultures, abilities and characters.

That home that he established was so full of patience and beauty that the scent of happiness covered them even though, for days, they were not able to cook a single hot meal (due to lack of food). In addition, in that holy home, the room of each wife was merely a place to lay one’s head. However, in that home the most delicious provisions were acceptance, patience, and submission. His education method that he practiced in his family life filled their hearts with a limitless devotion and affection. No wife can love their husband to the degree that the Holy Mothers loved the Prophet (saw). No husband can love his wife to the degree of the Messenger’s love for his holy wives. No child can love his or her father to the degree that Hz. Fatima loved her father. No father can love their child as much as Allah’s Messenger loved Hz. Fatima. This is also true for grandchildren…

Our mother Hz. Fatima, the apple of the eye of the Ehl- Bayt, who was one of the rare roses of this exceptional rose garden, means many things to the mothers and fathers these days: her life was short but adorned with taqwa, the awareness of Allah (swt). She shows them, in a lively way, that raising a child required a big effort and responsibility and that the children’s futures were in Allah’s hands.

The only purpose in that spiritual home; which had between its members a sense of deep affection, sacrifice, and attachment; was the reaching of Allah’s acceptance. in that home the biggest worry was about losing Allah’s (swt) and His Messenger’s (saw) affection and acceptance.

The Prophet’s (saw) exceptional wives, were the recipient of the honor of being the “Mothers of the Believers” by Allah’s command. They observed the Prophet (saw) as he received the inspirations of Quran, and while he was praying, while he was reading Quran, eating, speaking, and sleeping: shortly, in every point of life, they were cognizant of his spiritual mysteries which were far from all other eyes.

They past their lives with the sensitivity of deserving this big honor and virtue and they became, to the women of the ummah (community), the best guides and teachers. Thousands of hadiths were reported from them which explain the characteristics, attitude and sunnet (actions and sayings) of the Prophet (saw).

The book that is in your hands; which tells the story of the perfect human and family head, and also that of his family life and his wives; is like the summary of this very important and detailed subject.

In society today; where many social and family problems are lived and divorce increases day by day, and the struggling children of these broken homes increase; we need to know the holy and model home of the Prophet (saw) very much: to the degree that we can smell the compassion, mercy, peace and inspiration!

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