Ahl Al Bait Between the Two Schools

Muhammad Salim Khidr

Paperback, 281 pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

 Allâh ordained for me to grow up enjoying innumerable favors; from among them has been: being guided to this religion (Isl«m), and landing a job that  allowed me to research the history of Ahl-al-Bait and the Companions. It was when, I carefully studied the differences in the various sources, understandings and perspectives, my aspiration grew to document the standpoint of moderate and balanced Islam towards the family of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

 Allâh revealed for me the knowledge about the evidence of exaggerated praise of Ahl-al-Bait in the literature from classical to recent times, giving me the desired insight to address the conflicts between the sects and the creeds in a rational way. I have thus tried to avoid criticizing any specific group; as I exclusively seek the pleasure of Allâh the Almighty to demonstrate the real  image of Ahl-al-Bait and their approach to life, which is based on my first-hand grasp of Sunnah – free from all innovations, superstitions, polytheism, illusions and assumptions.

I entitled it thus: ‘Ahl-al-Bait – between the Two Schools(‘Ahl-al-Bait – Bayna Madrasatayn’). This is because the current conflict has mainly been between the Two Schools, namely the schools of ‘Moderation’ (I’tid«l) and that of ‘Immoderation or Exceedance’ (Ghuluw). The third school called Nasibism that existed centuries before, has slowly found its way to extinction, leaving behind very little of its heritage in the form of a small number of individuals, who only produce scattered talk.

The dispute between the Two Schools has grown to the point that the voices of exaggeration, which are required to be contained in Islam, have further got amplified. As a result, every student of knowledge took it upon himself to demonstrate his erudition, inspired by the vengeance and his loyalty towards Ahl-al-Bait, in a time when it is extremely hard to find men who cherish a balanced view.

Nevertheless, I am neither praising my defective self, as all of us have weaknesses and commit mistakes; nor am I withdrawing myself from the errors for indeed, infallibility (I‘smah) exclusively belongs to the statements of Allâh and His Messenger. All human statements could be selectively accepted or rejected, except those of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him); for this very reason, if there is any good in my words, it is only from Allâh, who has shown the right path and bestowed blessing upon me.

 Muhammad Salim Al-Khidr

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