An-Nahdah (Revival)

Sheikh Hafez Saleh

Paperback, 224 pages
14.7 x 21 cm
MaktabaIslamia Imprint

There can be no question that the Islamic nation stretching from Indonesia to Morocco is in a severe state of decline. Despite its vast human and natural resources, rich heritage and glorious history, today it stands in an incapacitated state and unable to solve any of its problems whether they are large or small. This is the stark reality facing the Islamic Nation in our current time and for this reason the subject of reversing this situation, changing our societies and reviving our nation represents the nation’s greatest challenge and most serious vital issue.

This book tackles this subject area in a deep and enlightened manner as it takes on the subject of revival and societal change intellectually. It examines the realities of human beings, the societies that they live in and the components that make them what they are.

This book defines revival precisely, whilst at the same time clarifying false understandings that have previously or currently been linked to it.

The author of this book challenges many false ideas and approaches that have been attached to the work of change and revival within the Muslim societies over the last century and he explains the reasons for their failure due to the false and incorrect premises that these attempts have been based upon.

The author then proceeds to lay down a model and blueprint that will, if adopted, inevitably lead to the change within the Islamic nation that will raise it once again to a position and standing that is fitting for it.

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