The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed – Imam at Tahawi

Abu Ja`far Ahmad Salamah al-Azdi At Tahawi

Translated by Syed Iqbal Zaheer
Paperback, 310 pages
6.75 x 9.9 inch
Iqra Welfare Trust

The Book in hand is a summary of the Faiths and beliefs of the mainstream Muslims Spread all over the globe. Muslim Scholars are unanimous in opinion that the articles of faith as formulated by Imam Tahawi in the treatise reproduced here, most accurately reflect the mind and understanding of the earliest Muslims. It is free from incorrect interpretations, over-exemplification and any distortion of the ideas promulgated by Islam. There is also a general agreement that the comentary on Tahawi’s work as done by Qadi Ibn Abi al‑`Izz al‑Adhru`i is an accurate elucidation of what Tahawi meant to express. Also, it strives to be very close to the texts of the Qur’an and the prophetic saying, and, without  over-stretching the meaning, attemps to project the opinion of the great majority of scholars in maters pertaining to Islamic creed.

It would be interesting for the followers of other faith to compare their faith and beliefs with those of Islam as illustrated in this standarad Textual work that dates back to the late third Islamic century. Further, since the Muslim creed, truly dating back to the Prophetic times has never undergone revision, this book should help the non-Muslims to get an  insight into the Muslim mind.


  1. Allah is One
  2. Nothing resembles Him
  3. Nothing that can frustrate Him
  4. The Everlasting
  5. His Will prevails
  6. Intellects cannot grasp Him
  7. Mankind does not resemble Him
  8. The Self subsisting
  9. Creator without the need
  10. Eternal of Qualities
  11. The before creation
  12. Nothing like unto Him
  13. He predetermined
  14. His Will is executed
  15. Muhammad is His slave
  16. Could the Prophet have been false?
  17. The Qur’an is Allah’s Speech
  18. The Beatific Vision
  19. Denial of the Beatific Vision
  20. Allah’s Attributes are unique
  21. Our Lord is without parts and limbs
  22. Six directions cannot contain Him
  23. The Night Ascension
  24. The Pond
  25. The Intercession
  26. The primordial compact
  27. Allah’s fore-knowledge
  28. The Divine Decree
  29. The Tablet and the Pen
  30. The Pen has dried
  31. Perfectly determined decree
  32. The well guarded secret
  33. The `Arsh and the Kursiyy
  34. He does not need them
  35. Allah’s aboveness
  36. He took Ibrahim as a friend
  37. Angels, Prophets, Books
  38. Those who face our Qiblah
  39. The Qur’an was not created
  40. The apostates
  41. Salvation lies between hope and fear
  42. The Favorites
  43. Prayers behind the corrupt
  44. Judging the people
  45. Obeying the rulers
  46. Honoring the scribes
  47. The angel of death
  48. Punishment in the grave
  49. Resurrection, the Bridge
  50. Paradise will not perish
  51. Is the Fire eternal?
  52. Human abilities
  53. Deeds are people’s acquisition
  54. That imposed which is within ability
  55. Supplication for the dead
  56. Allah responds
  57. Allah’s anger
  58. The Companions
  59. Abu Bakr
  60. `Umar
  61.  `Uthman
  62. `Ali
  63. The ten given glad tiding
  64. Miracles and thaumaturgies
  65. The Hour
  66. The Soothsayers
  67. The mainstream
  68. Taqlid
  69. The middle way
  70. Our religion

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