Dua – The shield of a believer arrows of light in the midst of darkness

Salamah Mohammad Abul Kamal

Paperback, 266 pages
5.83 x 8.26 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

The life of this world is filled with many trials and tribulations. Many times, a man is faced with situations which seem to overwhelm him and he feels trapped by. Besides these big trials, he must also deal with the day to day tests that come to him throughout his daily life.

The Mumin, regardless of the problems he faces or their size, is always turning to Allah. He knows that his strength and power comes from his hope in Allah. His ability to turn directly to his Lord without any intermediary and in any situation strengthens his soul and his very being.

The believer is well pleased with his Lord for this blessed gift and always wants to put his trust in Allah. He tried his best to emulate the example of our blessed Prophet (peace be upon him) who used the most elegant language when calling on Allah. These beautiful Dua’s are the same words uttered from the lips of our beloved Prophet and our righteous predecessors, who taught us a comprehensive way to call upon our Lord.

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