Biography of the Prophet And the Orientalists Vol 1&2 – Mohd Mohar Ali

Mohd Mohar Ali

Paperback, 1034 pages [2 Volumes ]
6.75 x 9.9 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

The orientalists have been studying the seerah of the prophet with a view to casting doubt and raising suspicions and discrediting the life and personality of the Prophet (saw). Their approach has evolved over the period of time. At times they have been vicious in their attacks as was the case in the 18th century which with time during the 19th and 20th century became seemingly sympathetic to his life.

 This study by Dr Mohammad Mohar Ali critically analyses the works of three famous orientalists, William Muir, D.S Margoliouth and W. Montgomery Watt. Dr Ali refutes the charges levelled by them against the life and character of the Prophet (saw) with an erudition which the treatment of such a subject requires.

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