Drawing closer to allah – Taqarrub ila Allah

Fawzi Sunuqrut  

Paperback, 92 Pages
14.8 x 21 cm
MaktabaIslamia Publications

The path to achieve revival and resume the Islamic way of life is a path adorned with struggles and challenges at all stages. It is a work that requires Nafsiyas (Islamic Disposition) that are unrivalled and elevated, formidable and purified.

The way to achieve this is by strengthening the connection and relationship to Allah (swt), the Lord of the worlds and all creation.

He Subhanahu must be relied upon alone for help and full Tawakkul must be placed upon Him alone, whilst the attainment of His pleasure must be made the highest aim of this life. It is necessary to reawaken the Nufoos (hearts) with Taqwa of Allah (swt) and obedience to Him, with the fear of His punishment and yearning for His gardens of paradise

The one who carries the Da’wah is in the greatest need of being obedient to Allah (swt) and to stand firmly upon His Deen. If he was to do that then the Dunya would become insignificant in front of his eyes, the affair of the disbelievers would be diminished before him and the difficult matters would become easier.

Across 12 Chapters, the author in this book has made a collection of Qurabaat (Acts of gaining closeness to Allah (swt)) and Taa’aat (Acts of obedience pleasing to Allah (swt)), which generate the Jaw Al-Imani (Atmosphere of Iman) within the Da’wah carrier and increase the realisation of his relationship and connection to Allah (swt) Ta’alaa.

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