Dear Hafiz

Mawlana Muhammad Saleem Dhorat

Paperback, 42 pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

 Allah  (swt),  through  His  infinite  Mercy  and  Grace,  has  never  left mankind without guidance. From the time of Sayyiduna Adam (as), Allah (Swt) has sent Divine Revelation accompanied by Messengers to steer society out of the dangers of ignorance and sin, towards the safety of truth and righteousness.

4 This sequence of revelation and Messengers, in accordance with the Divine Plan, culminated with the revelation of the Glorious Qur’an to Nabi Muhammad (saw); being the final scripture revealed to the Final Messenger (saw) sent to humanity.

 No new revelation or Messenger will now be sent by Allah (Swt); therefore unlike the previous revelations, the Qur’an forms the basis of guidance for mankind until the Day of Judgement. It is thus unique in its universal applicability to all nations until the end of time.

 Furthermore, if it is to be a means of salvation for the latter generations, in the same manner as it was for the earlier ones, it must necessarily have another distinct feature not shared by the previous scriptures and revelations. This distinct feature is mentioned explicitly by Allah (swt) Himself in the Glorious Qur’an,

 ‘Indeed, We have sent down the Dhikr (the Qur‘an), and indeed We are its guardians.’ (15:9)

 For the Qur’an to remain as a means of attaining the Pleasure of Allah (swt), withstanding the influences of time and place from the moment of its revelation till the final day, it must remain pristine from every aspect. The responsibility of the preservation of all the previous revelations was left to the specific nation to whom it was revealed. Conversely, Allah (swt) Himself, as stated emphatically in the above verse, has declared Himself the Guardian of the Qur’an; thus promising to assume the responsibility to preserve it.

 In realising this promise, Allah (swt) has utilised different means and groups of people. The role of preserving its mode of recitation has been fulfilled by the Qurra. The meaning and message has been protected by the ‘Ulama. The words have been accurately preserved by the huffaz, who have committed every letter to memory. This process began from the lifetime of Nabi Muhammad (saw) and has continued unbroken, from one generation to the next, till today.

 The fact that the Qur’an has remained unaltered in  all its facets despite the passing of fourteen centuries since its revelation is a fact even the orientalists concede in acknowledging; and is one of its greatest miracles and proofs of Divine Origin.

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