Al Ahkam As Sultaniyyah (The laws of Islamic Governance) – Al Mawardi

Abul hasan Al Mawardi

Paperback, 381 pages
5.83 X 8.26 in
Dar Ul Thaqafah

Al-Ahkam as-Sultaniyyah [The Laws of Islamic Governance] is both the single most comprehensive account of the workings of Islamic governance and equally a highly influential theoretical outline of the nature of that governance. It is also as if it were a snapshot of the inner workings of Abbasid power at its height. Woven throughout it are accounts of the scholars of the salaf which are the book’s lifeblood and its light.

 The Author

Abu’l Hasan al-Mawardi (d. 450AH) was a practising  Qadi whose excellent judgement earned him the soubriquet ‘The Most Judicious of Qadis’. Given that the role of the Qadi far exceeds that of a judge, the author was well placed to describe the workings of power from within. Along with that, his excellence as a scholar allowed him to produce a work which is one of the undoubted classics of Islam.

 The Translator

Dr Asadullah Yate Gained hin PhD from Cambridge with his dissertation on ibn Rushd as Jurist. He has succeeded admirably in translating this work accurately and in making it entirely readable.

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