Contributions of Muslims to Indian Subcontinents

Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

Paperback, 125 pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

12 In the present compilation five new essays have, in all, been included which were not broadcast over the radio. These are:

  •  Influence of Muslims on Indian Civilization
  • Role of Muslims in the Struggle for Freedom
  • Indo-Islamic Culture
  • Sufi-Saints of India and their Impact on Society
  • Current Difficulties and Problems

It is hoped that the book, with these additions, will be read with interest among the educated circles of the various communities that go to make our people and prove of some value in reducing the ignorance and the attitude of indifference which exist in the sister-communities to wards  the Muslims. It may, further, be helpful in promoting the growth of a broad, realistic, national perspective in the country it so badly needs today.

 It will also, perhaps, not be too much to expect that, apart from non- Muslim friends, many educated Muslims, too, will find in pages something which will be new to them and will add to their knowledge about themselves and go some way, however little, towards ridding them of the inferior1ty complex they have developed lately, but  for  which there can be no justification. The Muslim are not only citizens  of  an equal status with anybody in India ; they are  also among  its chief builders and architects, and hold position second to none among the peoples  of the world for  selfless  service  to the motherland.

 They  gave to India and to the Indian civilization a new Jibe and a new dimension  and awakened its people to a new set of moral  and spiritual  values.  Every patch of its land  and every particle  of  its  soil bears  the  imprint of their greatness and is a monument to their industry, earnestness and creative genius. In every aspect  of Indian life and civilizations can be  seen evidences of their noble aestheticism and cultural richness.

Nadwatul Ulema,
Lucknow November  21, 1960

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