The obligation Muslims owe to the Quran – Dr Israr Ahmad

Dr Israr Ahmad

Paperback, 44pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

The author has made it clear elsewhere that no revivalist party can claim for itself the status of Al-Jama‘ah, a term applicable only to the collective organization of the entire Muslim Ummah under a single leader or ameer. Although ideal from the Islamic perspective, this unified state of the Muslim Ummah does not exist in the real world. The author believes that the internal discipline of a revivalist party that is working to re-establish Islam should be based on the Islamic ideal of “listening and obeying” to the ameer, a discipline that can only be achieved  by following the Prophetic model of baiy‘ah. He is firmly of the opinion that an amorphous (and anonymous!) body of Islamic workers, scattered all over the world and without a well-defined leadership, hardly merits the expression “the Islamic movement.”

It is at best a hypothetical entity. Going beyond “creating a New Civilization of Islam,” The author aimed at a concentrated, centralized, and concerted effort to establish Islamic socio-politico order in toto, initially in Pakistan and then in other states. For this he is following the prophetic model of organization in the form of bai’yah and well-disciplined party structure.

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