The Clear Principles Of Islamic Jurispudence (Al Waadih Fee Usul Al Fiqh) -الواضح في اصول الفقه- Volume 1 & 2

Muhammad Hussein Abdullah

Paperback, 613 Pages [Volume 1&2 Combined]
6.75 x 9.91 inch
MaktabaIslamia Imprints

Many modern books have been written in this subject area in both Arabic and English attempting to present the subject Of Usul ul Fiqh to the student of Islamic sciences. However, the style of the author, Ash-Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Abdullah, (May Allah preserve him) is distinguished from others in terms of his ability to present the subject in a very well organised and well-explained easy manner that enables the reader to absorb this subject area.

Even though this is not the most advanced book ever to be written in the subject area of Usul ul-Fiqh but it explains clearly all of the main areas related to this important Islamic science.

Its lucid and simple English translation makes it the best book available on the subject in English Language.

This book is also available on other websites, in case you cannot find it on the above link, we recommend you search on the internet as well.