Political & Cultural Invasion

Salim Fredricks

SoftBack, 184 Pages
12.9 x 19.8 cm
MaktabaIslamia Publications

In order for the Islamic Ummah to progress in any manner we must throw off the shackles of Western culture. There is a great temptation to take on the label of “reactionary” that the West has assigned us. We may merely reject anything and everything that is modern and new and attribute it to Western culture. It is essential that we learn to identify those elements of Western culture that are foreign to our belief. This is not solely because they are pernicious, but purely because they are foreign.

It is as simple as that. Rasool-Allah (saw) said – “that which is not in accordance with our matter, is rejected”.

However, there are many elements of modern life that are just of the normal sedentary items with no relation whatsoever to Western belief and culture. These on the other hand should not necessarily be rejected rashly. The key exercise now is accurately identifying the dangers of Western culture. In addition we should know and understand the alternatives from Islam. Lastly, it would help to also point out the oppressive nature of Western popular culture. It is a destructive force as far as we are concerned, as Muslims. Also, as humans and as inhabitants of the world, we should know that Western culture benefits no one, save a tiny minority. This minority hold self-preservation as their creed.

We should be in a position, primarily, to be equipped with the battle armoury of the correct Islamic culture. We should be in a position, also, to identify that which contradicts our culture. We should be in a position that enables us to deconstruct and refute the fundamentals of Western culture. In this day and age it is a duty, on us as individuals and on us as an Ummah to recognize, reject, and replace Western influences in our lives.

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