Mukhtasar Al Quduri – Book of Commercial Transactions

Imam Al Quduri

Paperback, 249pages
9,75 X 9.9 in
Dar Ul Thaqafah

The intention in compiling this brief commentary on the section of commercial law (Kitab Al Buyu) from the Mukhtasar of Al Quduri is to assist the layman and the early learner in understanding the various fiqhi terminologies and concepts in the manner laid down by the classical authors on Hanafi jurisprudence. A firm grasp of these fundamental concepts in the initial years of study will lay a solid foundation for a student to later build upon the more detailed books and also when applying his to contemporary issues of commercial law.

The compiling author has attempted to convey the explanation of the masail and indicate the background reasoning in a simple manner without excessive reference to technical jurisprudential terminology, generally used by Arabic commentators, leaving this for the student to discover directly from these commentaries themselves or in later studies.

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