How to Study the History of the Family of Prophet (saw) and his Companions (Ra)

Abd Al Kareem Bin Khaalid Al Harbi

Paperback, 95 pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch

It is the responsibility of the scholars that the history of Islam is kept free from the handiwork of the wicked and malicious ‘fabricators’, and also from the foolishness of the ‘ignorant’. It can neither be left in the hands of the Orientalists, who target Islam; nor in the hands of careless people, who may end up tarnishing the honour of previous generations by distorting their image because of partial or selective reporting. They pick a part and neglect the other to follow their own fancies, but Allah is going to reveal what they try to conceal.

 Within this age, we find nations and communities trying to rewrite their own history. They gather information from tablets and papers, dig pavements, demolish houses and destroy mosques claiming the evidence of their buried history and heritage within them. They search, excavate and destroy to discover imagined past. This is not the case of a single nation but of many; and has not been confined only to the present times; rather,  has been observed throughout the different periods of history.

 Then, what is wrong with our nation? It has a shining history preserved in print and in manuscripts, but no attention is paid to it, while it deserves to be closely studied, examined and analysed to learn from. It needs careful scrutiny to sift-out the truth from adulteration that has got mingled in it, so that it comes out pure and shining to the benefit of the readers. It should be like what our Lord, glory be to Him, has said: “The froth disappears, but what is of benefit to people remains on the ground, this is how Allah makes illustrations.” (13/17)

 We wanted this booklet to be a short and preliminary guide for those, who wish to carefully study our history from its original sources and authentic books, and wish to be contented with it by overcoming problems and doubts.

 I have divided the book into five chapters and a conclusion:

  • Chapter One is about: Historical Books: Causes of their Inadequacies
  • Chapter Two deals with principles of: Countering Doubts in Historical Perspectives
  • Chapter three presents the principles of: Countering Doubts in the History of Companions and Family of Prophet
  • Chapter four lists down: The Most Significant and Reliable Books of Islamic History
  • Chapter five deals with the: Books that Distorted Islamic History
  • The Conclusion includes the summary of what has been said in the book.

 Abd al-Kareem bin Khaalid al-Harbi.

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