How the Khilafah Was Destroyed?

Abdul Qadeem Zalloum

PaperBack, 215 Pages
14 x 21 cm

This 215-page book is a translation of the original Arabic edition written by the scholar and leader of the Islamic Political Party, Sheikh Abdul Qadeem is zallum.

In a very convincing manner the author has gone into various events that led to the demise of the Islamic state that was originally established by the Prophet Mohammad (saw). He discusses how the European countries conspired against the Islamic state by arousing nationalist chauvinism and separatist tendencies among the masses.

He also discusses Mustafa kamals role in destroying the Khilafah and how the British supported him in undertaking various maneuvers.

He also discusses the role of AlSauds, the current government in Saudi Arabia, in destroying the Khilafah.

A must-read for anyone who is concerned about the affairs of the Muslims and wants to understand Islamic history and politics.

This book is also available on other websites, in case you cannot find it on the above link, we recommend you search on the internet as well.