Golden Guidelines in the path of Knowledge – Awwamah

Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah

Paperback, 75 pages
5.83 x 8.26 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

This booklet is a translation of a talk delivered by the honourable scholar and teacher, the great Muhaddith of Syria who currently resides in Al Madinatul Munawwarah, Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah. On the eve of the 6th Rabiul Thani, 15th May 2007, Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah, was invited for a seminar held in his honour by the well respect wisher, Sayyid Abdul Maqsud Khawjah, in Jeddah. The highlight of the seminar was the speech delivered by the esteemed Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah, which consisted of sterling advice for all scholars. These were the innermost concerns and feelings that the Shaykh poured out to the audience. They are actually solutions to the academic crisis that has clouded the circles of knowledge today.

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