Tabligh-E-Deen – The Forty Foundations of the Religion

Imam Ghazali

Paperback, 215 pages
5.83 x 8.27 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

It is a concise, yet comprehensive treatise, that guides and assists the sincere seeker in developing amongst others, the noble qualities of taqwa,parhez-ghaari, ta’alluq ma’Allah, ikhlas etc. In order to gain maximum benefit from this literary masterpiece, it is the advice of experienced kaamil masheikh of Sulook/Tasawuff, that a particular frame of mind be adopted, that is mentally one should regard Imam Ghazali (ra) as one’s own affectionate beloved Sheikh, rendering sincere advice from the bottom of his heart, based on deep knowledge and experience, in order to accelerate the progress of the beloved mureed entrusted to him.

The sincerity of Imam Ghazali (ra) in serving Islam, is legendary, in that, when questioned about his motivation in seeking Islamic knowledge by the Sultan who was the patron of the institution of learning where Imam Saheb was enrolled, he answered that it was only for the pleasure of Allah (swt). Incidentally this motivated the Sultan to keep the institution running, as the corrupt intentions of the other students present, prompted the Sultan to consider shutting it down completely.

 The principle that operates in this world is that, in order to obtain peak performance, everything must be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Similarly, this is Allah’s Kingdom, which also has Divine rules, regulations and instructions directly from the Creator, knowledge of which we should ambitiously seek and implement .This book is full of barakaat and azmat, to the extent that any true seeker with  talab  for Allah (swt), who follows the instruction herein, will InshaAllah reach the desired goal of tazkiyah, and in the experience of many , Wilayat.

Note: Due to significant physical weaknesses prevalent amongst people of this age, the elders and pious of this era strongly advise against practising on the severe dietary restrictions mentioned in the section related to food and drink. These were relevant in the age in which they resided. It was prior to the current era of physical, moral and spiritual decline. A person should always consult with the elders of his era before undergoing any spiritual exertions, as they can cause destruction to a person instead of benefit.

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