Expounds on Islam – Selected writings of Shaykh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah on Islamic Faith, life & Society

Compiled & Translated by Muhammad Abdul Haqq Ansari

Paperback, 726 pages
6.75 x 9.9 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

     For various reasons, the West has not been able to appreciate Ibn Taymiyyah’s place in Islam. His criticism of Ash’ari  Kalam, Greek logic and philosophy, monistic Sufism, Shi’i doctrines, and Christian faith have proved great obstacles to appreciating his contribution. His way of writing has also been to an extent responsible. Most of his writings are short or long responsa (fatawa) to particular questions, often recurring, put to him by different men at different times, rather than planned, systematic works on particular subjects. This makes the appreciation of his contribution somewhat difficult. Henri Laoust in France was the first to take serious notice of him. Since the publication of his Essay on the Social and Political Doctrines of Ibn Taymiyyah (1939), a few articles and books have appeared on Ibn Taymiyyah’s thought, but they are far from giving any clear idea of his overall contribution to Islam, even less of assessing his role in its revival and renewal (tajdid). In fact, there has been little understanding of the concept of tajdid in Islam.

      This volume consists of selections from various writings of Ibn Taymiyyah included in Majmu’ Fatawa Shaykh Al Islam (37 volumes) as well as some of his major works such as Minhaj as Sunnah An Nabawiyyah, Dar Ta’arud al Aql wa-An Naql, kitab Ar Rad alaa Mantaqayyin, Al-Istiqamah, and Iqtida As Sirat Al Mustaqeem.

      These selections will present a clearer and complete view of Ibn Taymiyyah’s concept of Islamic faith , life and society. They are primarily intended to highlight his positive position and mention his criticisms and refutations of other positions only to the extent needed.

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