Breaking down Bitcoin – A study of Bitcoin & the Shari’ Hukm Related to it

A.C. Ahmed

Paperback, 45 pages
5.83 x 8.26 inch
Istinarah Press

With the disruptive effect of FinTech and new forms of technology on the capital markets, the ongoing ‘war on cash’ and the development of new so-called ‘asset classes’; this paper shall aim to address the reality of the most popular cryptocurrency today- Bitcoin.

In Part 1, the author aims to provide a brief insight as regards to what Bitcoin actually is especially given that the question as to whether it is a ‘currency’ or an ‘asset’ has caused considerable confusion to date.

In Part 2, the author then aims to assess Bitcoin from an Islamic legal viewpoint based on a critical evaluation of some key research papers and ijtihad (legal reasoning) conducted on the matter to date.

 About the Author:

A.C. Ahmed is a practising Corporate Finance Lawyer specialising in Corporate Real Estate and Investment. Having studied Arabic and Islamic studies in Egypt and in the UK, he is now focusing his writing on the area of Islamic jurisprudence, contracts and commerce and has written a dissertation on the subject of Ijtihad in the modern context.

He has been involved in the Islamic da’wah since his college days and is involved in other general Muslim community projects.

You can follow him and find posts, articles and videos on Islamic Law and related matters on his facebook page:

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