As-Sababiyah (Causality) – السببية

ِAbdulKareem Ash-Shaami

Paperback, 49pages
14.7 x 21 cm
MaktabaIslamia Imprint

The concept of As-Sababiyah (causality) is from the fundamental concepts of the Muslims and which must remain clear to them. That is because their message in life is a message of action and because they live in the life for the sake of a specific objective.

As-Sababiyah is from the Islamic concepts that connects to the Muslim’s daily conduct in the case where the accomplishment of an action from amongst his daily actions does not occur without observing this Qaa’idah (principle), the Qaa’idah of As-Sababiyah.

When the early Muslims from the era of the Sahaabah, the Taabi’een, the aabi’ee At-Taabi’een and those who followed from the generation of Nahdah (revival) comprehended the concept of As-Sababiyah, when they comprehended it completely and understood it in a sound and crystallised manner, and practised their understanding in their behaviours and conducts they accomplished actions that resembled miracles if we were to compare them to our current time.

That is because they carried Islaam, spread its Da’wah and opened up lands across the corners of the earth in the fasted time that history has known for a nation from amongst its nations that have passed. That was at a time when the means of communication and transportation were the camel in the best of circumstances.

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