Islamic Thought

Muhammad ibn Muhammad Ismael Abduh

Paperback, 154 Pages, 1st Edition
13.8 x 21 cm
MaktabaIslamia Publications

This excellent book is translated from the original Arabic book ‘Alfikr Al Islami’ by Sheikh Muhammad ibn Muhammad Ismael Abduh, an Islamic jurist, ‘alim, writer from Azhar, Egypt.

The Cultural Invasion of the Muslim Lands by the West has befogged the minds of the Muslims and turned them away from the Islamic Culture (Thaqaafah Al Islamiyyah). The West ensured that its civilization (hadhaarah) was spread all over the Muslim lands in the form of laws, concepts and authority. This was due to the decline in the authority of Islam, and the deviation of the good task from its course and because of the misleading propaganda that waged its campaign against Islam and its culture.

As the Ummah now realizes the Western plan and wakes up to revive itself and free itself from the tangles of the Western Civilization, this book comes handy in explaining many of the important issues related to Islam being an ideology.

The author, Muhammad ibn Muhammad Ismael Abduh painstakingly goes through several subjects including the subject of Maslaha and where does it lie, the method of thinking, The Penal code in Islam, Political awareness in over 36 chapters in this 150 page book. A must read for every one who is concerned about the Muslim Ummah and Dawa Carriers working for bringing revival in the Ummah.

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