Minhaj Et Talibin – A Manual of Muhammadan Law: According to the School of Shafii – Imam Nawawi

Abu Zakaria Yahya Ibn Sharaf An Nawawi

Translated by E.C Howard
Paperback, 585 pages
6.75 x 9.9 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

This book is a rendering into English and it is not a mere literal translation of the concise Arabic text, which would have been unintelligible, rather a paraphrase, based partly upon the Muharrer and the Commentary of Mehalli, and partly upon the two principal sixteenth-century commentaries on the Minhaj et Talibin that is to say, the Tohfat-el-Mohtaj and the Nihayat el Mohtaj.

It is not always possible to decide a question by reference to the Minhaj alone: and in such a case a Muhammadan Jurist-alim, faqih, mufti or qadi, as it may be-has recourse principally to the Tohfa and the Nihaya, which Dr. Th. Juynboll in his Handbuch des Islamschen Gesetzes, 1910, calls” the two standard works in the whole modern Fiqh-literature of the School of Shafii. ” It is hoped, therefore, that the present publication may be of some practical utility in the direction above indicated and at the same time not without interest to the student of comparative jurisprudence.

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