Islamic Jurisprudence according to the Four Sunni Schools – الفقه على مذاهب الاربعة

Abd Al Rahman Al Jaziri

Paperback, 1039 pages
9,75 X 9.9 in
Dar Ul Thaqafah

This is one of the clearest and precise books of comparative Islamic jurisprudence. It teaches all of the aspects and categories of Islamic jurisprudence according to the four Sunni schools that are followed by the majority of Muslims: the Hanafi, the Maliki, the Shafi’i, and the Hanbali. It was authored by a committee of experts who specialized In these four schools under the guidance and supervision of Sheikh Abd Al Rahman Al Jaziri (d 1941).

Sh Al Jaziri edited the book so that it would be a comprehensive reference for the Muslims. For this reason, this book was able to gain the respect of scholars as the book addresses the issues with which most people are concerned and it aids preachers and imams in answering the needs and the question posed by the attendees at mosques.

This volume covers the intricate rules of ritual practice, chiefly salah, saum, zakah, and hajj. It is an immense aid to the non-Arabic speaking Muslims who wish to understand the ahkam of Islam.

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