The Islamic State

Taqiuddin An-Nabhānī

Paperback, 284 Pages, 1st Edition
14 x 22 cm
Dar Al Ilm Publishers

The Islamic state is not a dream, nor is it a figment of the imagination, for it had dominated and influenced history for more than thirteen hundred years. It was indeed a reality which provided the most successful system for society – political, economic, social, and judicial and so on. It was a state that included Muslims and non – Muslims both living in harmony until its destruction in 1924 at the hands of the West and its treacherous agents with in the state. Today, Muslims worldwide are eagerly working for the re-establishment of this state, and they are eager for the return of the Islamic glory.

This book essentially highlights the methodology of Muhammad (saw) in his struggle to establish the State in Madinah, and it focuses on the rise and expansion of the Islamic State after his (saw) death. The book goes on to explain the factors that led to the decline and then the tragic end of the Islamic State in 1924 CE.

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